Core Values

Conduct business with ethics, dignity, fairness and transparency.
We respect each other and understand the differences in our opinions to reach our common goal.
We value learning, feedback, coaching and mentoring so that we can be the most efficient, responsible and caring professionals
We are honor-bound to perform each individual and corporate action at all times with utmost sincerity, honesty and integrity.
Conduct business with ethics, dignity, fairness and transparency
In Pioneer we work like a family. Everyone is treated with respect and without discrimination on any count.


Impact, in the context of this Annual Report is an acronym signifying Integrity, Mastery, Performance, Achievement, Consistency and Trust.

Impact, however, also figures in these pages in its most general meaning, as the summation of all that we contribute to the society we serve.

The impact of our presence in society is both direct and indirect. More visible is the foolproof protection to the national economy. The indirect impact flows from the resources we consistently mobilize and the investments we make.

Insurance protects value. As providers of protection to all that is valuable, the pace of progress included, we believe the impact of our presence has been increasing in ever-widening circles

In the coming days and years, we will sustain and enhance this impact.



Pioneer Insurance Company Limited is one of the leading insurance companies of Bangladesh. Our strategic objective is to fairly increase our non-life market share by maintaining a high level of service and commitment to the welfare of our clients. In achieving our environmental goals, we rely on the engagement of our employees and the growing awareness of society at large. We are keen to achieve our objective by diversifying our portfolio, relying on niche areas by developing new products, sustaining profitable growth through employee training and continuously improving service to our customers.


Pioneer believes in conducting all its operations ethically and with integrity. Recruiting right staff, providing training and nurturing them and promoting only through merit-based evaluation. It is also committed to provide safe and healthy working conditions for its employees, honor its social responsibilities and contribute to community activities as a responsible corporate citizen while working within the bounds of laws and regulations and appropriate financial reporting. The Board of Directors, executives and all other employees observe and maintain confidentiality wherever so required, safeguard Company's assets and avoid conflicts of interest with timely disclosures. The Board is committed and tries its best to ensure compliance with the above practices.


The management and employees of Pioneer Insurance express assurance to satisfying customer needs by administrating risk assessment in General Insurance. In alignment with satisfaction of customer needs, processes are established to support the vision and values of the Company. We believe the key to our growth is through prompt settlement of claims of our clients. Compliance with and continuous improvement of the Quality Management System is an article of our faith. We regularly assess our processes and practices to build on our relationship with all our stakeholders including customers, shareholders, strategic partners and employees.