Message from C.E.O

Dear Shareholders,

First, I would like to convey my gratitude to the esteemed shareholders, the honorable board of directors and my colleagues for this wonderful journey together. I would like to acknowledge that your company has regained its growth momentum afar a period of uncertainty in the previous year. I am pleased to share with you the overall business scenario for the year 2021.

The economy of Bangladesh has shown great resilience in the face of the pandemic and has set an example for the world in terms of economic recovery rate. This incredible national success was possible because we, the people of Bangladesh, did not lose faith and confidence and we fought together. In Bangladesh, the insurance sector has experienced growth, and Pioneer Insurance Company Ltd. has played a key role in this success story, as a leading non-life insurance company.

Inspired by the achievements of the previous year, we are planning for an even bigger venture in the upcoming years. We aim to address a large part of the untapped potential market and we are now looking forward to upgrading ourselves according to the timely needs. Insuretech is taking place in the insurance industry very fast and we have commenced our quest adhere to. As your support has been a great source of our strength and inspiration, we are ready to venture into the future with growth and business prosperity.

Pioneer Insurance Company Ltd. upholds the principles: the people, the culture, the values, the vision and the dreams we have. I congratulate and thank the team for their outstanding professionalism, commitment and efforts that resulted in a successful year in 2021.

Now, I again take the opportunity to convey my gratitude to all the shareholders for their continuous trust in us. I also appreciate the regulators and the stakeholders for their astute guidance and support.


Finally, I humbly express my gratitude to the honorable Chairman and all members of the Board of Directors for their wise and visionary guidance and direction towards the management team.

May Allah keep us safe and bless us all.


Syed Shahriyar Ahsan

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)